Data Spaces for Cultural Heritage: Insights from GLAM Innovation Labs @ ICADL’22

An exploratory piece looking at GLAM innovation labs as potential sources of use cases for the future data spaces for cultural heritage had been accepted at the ICADL’22 conference.

ICADL’22 will take place in November 30-December 2, 2022 in Hanoi.

Abstract. The accumulation of digital cultural heritage collections for decades was shaped by centralised approaches based on the aggregation, harmonisation and enrichment of digital assets from a variety of sources. Currently, there is an ongoing transition towards decentralised infrastructures employing intelligent tools for answering more diversified user demands: the data spaces. This paper looks at the current understanding of what a European data space for cultural heritage should provide and takes as an inspirational example the work of innovation labs in galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM labs). It focuses on the data users within data spaces. This paper is a first attempt to explore user requirements within the context of data spaces and the transition from aggregated to decentralised e-infrastructures for digital heritage.

Dobreva, M., Stefanov, K., Ivanova, K. (2022) Data Spaces for Cultural Heritage: Insights from GLAM Innovation Labs. 9 pp. will appear in the Proceedings of ICADL 2022 and will be published by Springer as an LNCS volume. We will add the updated details when they are available.

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