Welcome to the website of the project DISTILL: DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES

This project is financially supported by the Petar Beron programme of the Bulgarian National Science Fund in 2021-2022.
DISTILL is an individual research project of Dr. Milena Dobreva hosted by Prof. Krassen Stefanov.
The host institution is the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of University of Sofia St Kliment Ohridski.

DISTILL addresses the challenge of exploring the changing landscape of innovation diffusion in digital cultural heritage focusing on three major factors for change: the large scale digital collections (growing towards big data) and the challenges they bring to the users interested to use and reuse this digital content; the emerging services aimed at helping users (innovation labs), and the new thinking about the generation of value with the participation of multiple contributors where the contributors have little or no compensation (heteromation).

Project funding: 60,000.00 EUR

Duration: November 2020 – November 2022

“Innovation Labs happen and succeed because of people rather than spaces. Success relates to skills and competencies as well as to decision-making, empowerment, trust, tolerance, and investment by thinking outside the box.”

Dr. Georgios Papaioannou (Ionian University, Corfu, Greece)

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Data Spaces for Cultural Heritage: Insights from GLAM Innovation Labs @ ICADL’22

An exploratory piece looking at GLAM innovation labs as potential sources of use cases for the future data spaces for cultural heritage had been accepted at the ICADL’22 conference. Abstract. The accumulation of digital cultural heritage collections for decades was shaped by centralised approaches based on the aggregation, harmonisation and enrichment of digital assets fromContinue reading “Data Spaces for Cultural Heritage: Insights from GLAM Innovation Labs @ ICADL’22”

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