A year-old Editorial and its Altmetric Ripples…

One year ago, in March 2022, the special issue of the IFLA journal Libraries and COVID-19: Opportunities for innovation was published. It attracted plenty of interest – including a mention in an MDPI Encyclopedia entry. Apparently, the editorial to the special issue is now among the highest-scoring outputs from this journal on Altmetric, ranked 24th out of 294).

It was a very enriching experience to work on the special issue. The response to the call was overwhelming and the diversity of work the pandemic and social distances stirred in libraries was really impressive! The special issue features work from all continents and from different library sectors.

The experience was presented at the IRRT Chair’s Round Table at the ALA Congress in 2022 jointly with Amanda Boczar, one of the contributors to the special issue.

The insights of some of my contributions as an editor were connected to my work on DISTILL.

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