DISTILL ends its work attracting an #ERAChair grant on #dataSpaces for #culturalHeritage to Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”

Wrapping up the activities of DISTILL perfectly fits the adage that when one door closes, another one is opening. Exploring areas of open innovation in #GLAM institutions, we could not ignore the shift in the digital heritage ecosystems to #dataspaces. This led to submitting a proposal to the ERA Chair call from the Widening programme of Horizon, which aimed to establish the first academic department worldwide which would bring the much-needed research which would underpin the development of the common European data space for cultural heritage.

In Bulgaria, GATE Institute Big Data for Smart Society is the focal point on data spaces, and this proposal aims to develop further GATE and Sofia University capacity attracting an excellent team of researchers, supporting institutional reform and providing inter-sectorial opportunities for secondments.

DISPATCHES will start in March 2023. It is a five-year long project which will help to build a team of researchers and PhD students. Follow the updates on the ERA Chair on Twitter and linkedin.

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