Workshop on Digitising the Humanities at EADH

Sally Chambers, Gustavo Candela, Anna Bukhtoyarova, Mikhail Bukhtoyarov and I prepared a cool workshop for the EADH in Russia! Workshop: Digitising the Humanities: stimulating an interdisciplinary community in Russia and beyond through an interactive workshop in the international context of EADH Wednesday, 22/Sept/2021 This is the set of slides of the workshop.

DISTILL presents at an Asian-European heritage forum

Milena Dobreva presented a paper on the museum big data at the Seminar on digital preservation and education on cultural heritage: Asian-European Perspectives (DPECH-AEP) organised in Hanoi, Vietnam on 29 July 2021. What did I like about this particular event, besides the rich content? The fact that it managed to dip the participants into someContinue reading “DISTILL presents at an Asian-European heritage forum”

Open a GLAM Lab – book launch in Bulgarian!

On 11 May 2011, the day of St Cyril and St Methodius, DISTILL organised jointly with UNITE and CLaDA-BG an international online event that explored the innovations in the Bulgarian digital cultural heritage and launched the translation into Bulgarian of the book Open a GLAM Lab. The event featured talks by Dr. Susan Hazan, ChairContinue reading “Open a GLAM Lab – book launch in Bulgarian!”