On data spaces, cakes, poetry and hats: #Europeana2022

Reflections from the conference Europeana 2022 – making digital culture count, took place from 28 – 30 September 2022. It was a celebration for at least two reasons. Such an event is an unmissable opportunity for me. I am really curious about how this new technological development will leave a mark on the digital heritageContinue reading “On data spaces, cakes, poetry and hats: #Europeana2022”

The first event of eCHOIng: learn more about the project and get inspired by examples of open innovation

The 1st eCHOing project hybrid event will provide an overview of the project and the partnership behind it and will showcase some examples of innovation in small cultural heritage organisations. This event is designed to meet the needs of Higher Education staff and students who deal with Cultural Heritage and Medium-sized and small cultural organizations.Continue reading “The first event of eCHOIng: learn more about the project and get inspired by examples of open innovation”

Distill is co-organising a master class on practical datafication

On 14-15 July 2022 Milena Dobreva from Distill will join forces with Assoc. Prof. Georgios Papaioannou from Ionian University, Greece and representatives of the e-Infrastructure for Bulgarian language and cultural heritage CLaDA-BG delivering a master class for 20 museum professionals from various museum sectors in Bulgaria. The master class will explore how smaller museums canContinue reading “Distill is co-organising a master class on practical datafication”

MOOCs, digital transformation and upskilling information professionals

The upskilling of information professionals is a topic of long-standing debates in academic and professional circles. 11 years after MOOCs emerged, a new Erasmus partnership will explore how to support library professionals by providing much-needed content around the digital transformation topic. To answer glocal (no, this is not a typo!) needs, the resources will beContinue reading “MOOCs, digital transformation and upskilling information professionals”

Contributing to the IRRT Chair’s programme at the ALA congress today

The ALA conference, the biggest annual event for librarians in the USA features today a session of the International Relations Round Table (IRRT) Chair entitled Global libraries as agents of leadership in our post pandemic world: Leading Change, Advocacy, and Social Justice. For those at ALA here are the event details: Sunday, June 26, 2022Continue reading “Contributing to the IRRT Chair’s programme at the ALA congress today”

Living Heritage and Innovation in Bulgarian Museums

The Regional Centre for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in South-Eastern Europe under the auspices of UNESCO is currently organising training for museum specialists from Bulgaria which aims to enrich their skills and knowledge related to the documentation of living heritage. The training assessed the needs of the museum professionals and their motivation wasContinue reading “Living Heritage and Innovation in Bulgarian Museums”

Guest talk at the International book fair in Thessaloniki

Book fairs are among my favourite events because they bring together those who love the world of written word. Book fairs take their name from a particular format of sharing the written word and it may be a bit of a paradox to be invited to give a talk on digital content at such anContinue reading “Guest talk at the International book fair in Thessaloniki”

Is there a GLAMourous Future for Big Data?

I was delighted to deliver the opening keynote to the 27th annual conference of Greek Academic Libraries on 25 October 2021 with a presentation addressing the future of big data in GLAM organizations. The conference had over 300 attendees – in fact when I was joining the conference online room, I was told I canContinue reading “Is there a GLAMourous Future for Big Data?”

International workshop on Digital Transformation organised by the DISTILL project at the 14th ERIS conference

Education and Research in the Information Society (ERIS) is an international computer science conference with a range of interrelated topics. In 2021, the conference included an international mini-workshop on digital transformation. Within the 14th edition of the ERIS conference, DISTILL organised a mini-workshop on 28 September 2021 with the following international programme: Workshop of DISTILLContinue reading “International workshop on Digital Transformation organised by the DISTILL project at the 14th ERIS conference”

Workshop on Digitising the Humanities at EADH

Sally Chambers, Gustavo Candela, Anna Bukhtoyarova, Mikhail Bukhtoyarov and I prepared a cool workshop for the EADH in Russia! Workshop: Digitising the Humanities: stimulating an interdisciplinary community in Russia and beyond through an interactive workshop in the international context of EADH Wednesday, 22/Sept/2021 This is the set of slides of the workshop.