#OpenScience through #DataSpaces – foggy or clear? Impressions from the #EOSCsymposium2022

The session “Data spaces: architecture, business models and supporting initiatives” at the EOSC 2022 Symposium in Prague took place on 14 November 2022. It featured presentations from Mark Dietrich and Giuseppe laRocca, Juan Arenas Márquez (ELIXIR) and myself. Magdalena Brus (EGI) masterfully connected the talks with the discussion which followed. The session looked into examplesContinue reading “#OpenScience through #DataSpaces – foggy or clear? Impressions from the #EOSCsymposium2022”

MOOCs, digital transformation and upskilling information professionals

The upskilling of information professionals is a topic of long-standing debates in academic and professional circles. 11 years after MOOCs emerged, a new Erasmus partnership will explore how to support library professionals by providing much-needed content around the digital transformation topic. To answer glocal (no, this is not a typo!) needs, the resources will beContinue reading “MOOCs, digital transformation and upskilling information professionals”

Is there a GLAMourous Future for Big Data?

I was delighted to deliver the opening keynote to the 27th annual conference of Greek Academic Libraries on 25 October 2021 with a presentation addressing the future of big data in GLAM organizations. The conference had over 300 attendees – in fact when I was joining the conference online room, I was told I canContinue reading “Is there a GLAMourous Future for Big Data?”