#OpenScience through #DataSpaces – foggy or clear? Impressions from the #EOSCsymposium2022

The session “Data spaces: architecture, business models and supporting initiatives” at the EOSC 2022 Symposium in Prague took place on 14 November 2022. It featured presentations from Mark Dietrich and Giuseppe laRocca, Juan Arenas Márquez (ELIXIR) and myself. Magdalena Brus (EGI) masterfully connected the talks with the discussion which followed. The session looked into examplesContinue reading “#OpenScience through #DataSpaces – foggy or clear? Impressions from the #EOSCsymposium2022”

Dig into Historical Bulgarian Newspapers!

Europeana Research Community video This video is about collaboration which captures the essence of the DISTILL project: it shows how universities and libraries can collaborate to improve access to digital collections. The students developed their skills to solve real-life tasks using the newest approaches in data and text mining, and the library benefits from improvedContinue reading “Dig into Historical Bulgarian Newspapers!”