MOOCs, digital transformation and upskilling information professionals

The upskilling of information professionals is a topic of long-standing debates in academic and professional circles.

11 years after MOOCs emerged, a new Erasmus partnership will explore how to support library professionals by providing much-needed content around the digital transformation topic. To answer glocal (no, this is not a typo!) needs, the resources will be delivered in Bulgarian, Estonian, English, Hungarian, Italian and Turkish.

This will considerably improve the local professionals’ opportunities to be part of the global trends.

Below is the information on the kick-off meeting of the new Erasmus coordinated by Nevzat Özel of Ankara University. And while en route… enjoying the Istanbul airport library.

Seminar, Ankara
Invited speakers
Seminar programme 30 June 2022
Erasmus project partners
Plenty of books, but no moocs on offer… @Istanbul airport

I am particularly proud on seeing this partnership funded – my work on innovation in the GLAM sectors and on the DISTILL project is very relevant to this effort. I will share some further information as we progress.

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