The new 2022 year brings the start of two new projects on digital transformation and on open innovation in museums

It is exciting to turn the page to the new 2022 with the positive news of being awarded a second Erasmus grant, Upskilling the Information Professionals of the Future: Novel Digital Transformation MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)”. This is a partnership of Ankara University (the coordinator of the project is Assoc. Prof. Nevzat Özel), theContinue reading “The new 2022 year brings the start of two new projects on digital transformation and on open innovation in museums”

Guest talk at the International book fair in Thessaloniki

Book fairs are among my favourite events because they bring together those who love the world of written word. Book fairs take their name from a particular format of sharing the written word and it may be a bit of a paradox to be invited to give a talk on digital content at such anContinue reading “Guest talk at the International book fair in Thessaloniki”

Demo paper accepted to ECIR’22

This week we got the lovely news of an accepted demonstration paper “DuoSearch: A Novel Search Engine for Bulgarian Historical Documents” at the very competitive European Conference on Information Retrieval ECIR 2022 which will take place in April 2022 in Stavanger, Norway. The paper is on a search engine that helps to explore content fromContinue reading “Demo paper accepted to ECIR’22”

Some initial thoughts in seamless learning in teaching history using digital collections

During a visit to the Open University in Heerlen, the Netherlands which was aimed at discussing the preparation of Master’s programmes within the MODERN-@ project (Modernisation in partnership through digitisation of the academic ecosystem) funded by the Bulgarian national operational programme Science and intelligent growth. The visit to the campus of the Open University inContinue reading “Some initial thoughts in seamless learning in teaching history using digital collections”

Dig into Historical Bulgarian Newspapers!

Europeana Research Community video This video is about collaboration which captures the essence of the DISTILL project: it shows how universities and libraries can collaborate to improve access to digital collections. The students developed their skills to solve real-life tasks using the newest approaches in data and text mining, and the library benefits from improvedContinue reading “Dig into Historical Bulgarian Newspapers!”

Is there a GLAMourous Future for Big Data?

I was delighted to deliver the opening keynote to the 27th annual conference of Greek Academic Libraries on 25 October 2021 with a presentation addressing the future of big data in GLAM organizations. The conference had over 300 attendees – in fact when I was joining the conference online room, I was told I canContinue reading “Is there a GLAMourous Future for Big Data?”

International workshop on Digital Transformation organised by the DISTILL project at the 14th ERIS conference

Education and Research in the Information Society (ERIS) is an international computer science conference with a range of interrelated topics. In 2021, the conference included an international mini-workshop on digital transformation. Within the 14th edition of the ERIS conference, DISTILL organised a mini-workshop on 28 September 2021 with the following international programme: Workshop of DISTILLContinue reading “International workshop on Digital Transformation organised by the DISTILL project at the 14th ERIS conference”

Workshop on Digitising the Humanities at EADH

Sally Chambers, Gustavo Candela, Anna Bukhtoyarova, Mikhail Bukhtoyarov and I prepared a cool workshop for the EADH in Russia! Workshop: Digitising the Humanities: stimulating an interdisciplinary community in Russia and beyond through an interactive workshop in the international context of EADH Wednesday, 22/Sept/2021 This is the set of slides of the workshop.

DISTILL presents at an Asian-European heritage forum

Milena Dobreva presented a paper on the museum big data at the Seminar on digital preservation and education on cultural heritage: Asian-European Perspectives (DPECH-AEP) organised in Hanoi, Vietnam on 29 July 2021. What did I like about this particular event, besides the rich content? The fact that it managed to dip the participants into someContinue reading “DISTILL presents at an Asian-European heritage forum”

Open a GLAM Lab – book launch in Bulgarian!

On 11 May 2011, the day of St Cyril and St Methodius, DISTILL organised jointly with UNITE and CLaDA-BG an international online event that explored the innovations in the Bulgarian digital cultural heritage and launched the translation into Bulgarian of the book Open a GLAM Lab. The event featured talks by Dr. Susan Hazan, ChairContinue reading “Open a GLAM Lab – book launch in Bulgarian!”